Legal Practices

Administrative and public relations

The lawyers of DK PRAVO Legal Group have extensive practical experience working with state and municipal authorities on the protection of violated rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of individuals and legal entities in cases of administrative offenses, challenging regulatory legal acts, decisions, actions (inactions) of authorities and local self-government, officials.

Property law

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of real estate, the lawyers of DK Pravo Legal Group properly conduct the legal support for transactions, ensure the registration and protection of property rights and other proprietary rights, also represent the clients’ interests in disputes, related to the creation and acquisition of property rights, reclaiming property from someone else’s illegal possession, the release of property from arrest.

Civil law

The lawyers of DK PRAVO Legal Group provide a full range of civil and legal services and civil cases, including representation of clients’ interests in pre-trial and judicial proceedings, conduct legal analysis of legally complex documents, provide preparation and legal support of concluded contracts and transactions.

Town-planning law

The rapid pace of business development in the construction industry, the continuous improvement of town-planning and construction norms and rules, entail the need for a thorough study of this branch of law. The lawyers of DK PRAVO Legal Group monitor all changes in legislation in the mentioned industry and are ready to provide our clients with legal assistance in all the specifics of the town-planning law, in particular, to advise on the conclusion and execution of investment contracts, equity participation in construction contracts, construction contracts, and on issues of obtaining construction permits and commissioning of facilities.

Contract law

A competently drawn up contract with respect to the specifics of a particular branch of law and the current situation gives not only a guarantee of fulfillment of obligations by the other party, but also prevents from undesirable consequences and financial risks. The dynamics of contractual relations require the constant consideration of the opportunities, provided by law in the framework of contracts freedom. The lawyers of DK PRAVO Legal Group will draft a contract with the most favorable positions for you and your partners, provide with legal assistance in the conduct of negotiations, and advise on the consequences of transactions.

Housing law

The lawyers of DK PRAVO Legal Group have a solid experience in the field of housing legal relations, in particular, arising from the hiring of housing, the conversion of living quarters to non-residential and non-residential premises into residential premises, successfully represent the clients’ interests in cases of preservation of unauthorized alterations and reorganizations, recognition of rights to living quarters and provision of housing under the contract of social hiring, eviction, removal of violations of rights to residential premises, not related to deprivation of tenure, privatization of living quarters, split of payments for utility services, determination of the procedure for using the living quarters.

Land law

Land is not only an important unique resource, but also an object of everyday human life and activities. The increased demand for land for citizens and organizations entails a justified need for obtaining all information about the rights and guarantees, provided by land legislation. DK PRAVO lawyers provide a full range of services on all issues of land use, including land registration, changing the types of permitted use and categories of land plots, contesting the results of determining the cadastral value.

Corporate law

The successful conduct of business is impossible without reliable legal support, the lawyers of DK PRAVO Legal Group provide a full range of services, related to the organization and conduct of business, including registration, reorganization, liquidation of legal entities, advising clients on corporate management issues, legal support of corporate transactions, representing clients interests when interacting with regulatory authorities.

Law of sea

The lawyers of DK PRAVO Legal Group provide the qualified services to protect and represent the interests of shipping companies in the courts in cases of recovery of losses, incurred as a result of improper performance of the obligation to ensure the safety of navigation, recovery of the cost of repairing the ship as a result of collision of ships, release of the ship from arrest, reclamation of the ship from someone else’s illegal possession, recovery of unjust enrichment, the invalidation of the conclusion of the state marine supervision body, the recovery of insurance compensation under the contract of insurance of civil liability of shipowners.

Tax law

The lawyers of DK PRAVO Legal Group advise on the taxation of individuals and legal entities, provide analysis of transactions in terms of tax risks, successfully represent the clients’ interests in the resolution of tax disputes in administrative and judicial order, represent the clients’ interests when performing tax inspections, including on claims on the payment of VAT.

Inheritance law

Hereditary legal relations require not only a high professional approach due to the fineness of the legal rules, but also psychological skills in communicating with potential heirs. In this aspect, the lawyers of DK PRAVO Legal Group successfully conduct the inheritance cases in courts, protecting the rights and legitimate interests of clients, advising on the issues of accepting and registering the rights to inheritance, hereditary succession and testate succession, protecting inherited property, contesting wills in court.

Liability law

The lawyers of DK PRAVO Legal Group have experience and practice on the issues of origin, proper execution and termination of obligations, arising from contracts, infliction of harm and unjust enrichment.

Family law

The lawyers of DK PRAVO Legal Group provide the advisory services and successfully represent the clients’ interests in court disputes on issues, related to divorce, collection of alimony, reduction or increase in alimony, a division of jointly acquired property of spouses, determination of the place of the child’s residence, the order of upbringing and keeping children.

Insurance law

The lawyers of DK PRAVO Legal Group help clients to achieve the optimum result when making recommendations on concluding insurance contracts, when representing clients’ interests in disputes, related to the execution of insurance contracts, including the payment and the amount of insurance compensation.

Customs law

The lawyers of DK PRAVO Legal Group successfully defend the interests of clients in administrative order and in courts when contesting the requirements and decisions of customs authorities on correcting the customs value, participate in the consideration of cases on imposition of duties on customs authorities to return the overpaid customs payments and penalties, represent the clients’ interests in cases on administrative offenses, initiated by customs authorities.

Labor law

The lawyers of DK PRAVO Legal Group provide the qualified legal assistance to clients in the field of protecting the rights and interests of employees and employers, as well as resolving labor disputes. Our lawyers provide legal advice on the organization of labor and employment, the activities of trade unions, the financial responsibility of employers and employees, and also draw up the labor documents, including labor agreements, collective agreements, local normative acts.

Criminal law

The lawyers of DK PRAVO Legal Group maximally reliably and effectively render legal assistance to clients at the stages of pre-investigation checks, preliminary investigation and in judicial proceedings. In determining the protection strategy, we use the full range of opportunities, provided by law.

Legal Services

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Legal support of activities

With subscriber service on an ongoing basis, DK PRAVO lawyers provide the professional legal advice, perform the legal analysis of documents, prepare the legal opinions and certificates, lend legal support of transactions, perform the prompt resolution of other legal issues.

Legal advice and legal analysis

The lawyers of DK PRAVO provide the qualified conversational legal advice in various areas of law, prepare the legal opinions and certificates on issues requiring the legal clarification, conduct the legal expertise of contracts and other documents.

Legal Representation

The lawyers of DK PRAVO render services in representation of interests in courts on civil, administrative cases, cases on the resolution of economic disputes and other cases. This service includes the examination of case materials and the formation of the legal position, drawing up a statement of claim (claim), objections, revocation of a statement of claim (claim), counterclaim, appellate and cassation appeals. Our lawyers directly participate in court sessions with the performance of all necessary procedural actions, negotiate for the amicable agreement.