About us

DK PRAVO Legal Group is a team of professional lawyers, created to protect the interests of individuals and legal entities in all sectors of Russian and international law.

The lawyers of DK PRAVO Legal Group have a wide experience of law enforcement practice in different directions of jurisprudence, which is our absolute advantage over other law and legal firms.

The decision to unite the lawyers in DK PRAVO team was caused by the desire to combine the accumulated experience and skills into a single whole with the aim of effectively providing highly qualified legal assistance to individuals and legal entities, operating in the Russian Federation and abroad.


Our main mission for many years has been and remains the timely provision of qualified assistance to our clients in resolving their legal problems.

DK PRAVO team in its activities is traditionally guided by such principles as decency, conscientiousness and honesty, the principle of professional secrecy.

In as short a time as possible, we offer our clients ready-made solutions for any legal issues. We take care of saving our clients’ time, we take the whole complex of legal measures to minimize the financial risks of our clients.

The trust and gratitude from our clients are the highest values and rewards for us.

Our advantages


Rich experience and high qualification allow us to find the right solutions in any legal problem in the shortest possible time.


We responsibly search for the solution of any task of our grantors. For us, the clients trust is important.


We provide the ready-made solutions on legal issues and problems of our clients in the shortest possible time. We do not stretch the process and save clients’ time and money.

Our team

Pavel Alexandrovich


Education: Far Eastern Federal University, Law Institute, Faculty of Law.

In the process of implementing advocacy, he specializes in representing clients’ interests in litigations, related to the resolution of economic and civil disputes, defense in criminal cases in the field of economics and official crimes. Provides services in the legal support of companies and enterprises.

Practice area includes civil law, tax law, corporate law, land law, family law, labor law, criminal law.

Alexey Igorevich


Education: Far Eastern Federal University, Law Institute, Faculty of International Law

In the process of implementing advocacy, he specializes in legal complex support of business and foreign economic activity, representation of clients’ interests in litigations, resolution of economic disputes.

Practice area includes customs law, tax law, civil law, contract law, corporate law, labor law, family law, criminal law.

Provides protection in criminal cases of crimes in the field of economy, fraud and tax evasion, official and corruption crimes, as well as crimes against state power.